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SlipStream Installation

You will need to change the access number your computer dials.

You must change the last 4 digits of the number your computer dials to 2457 (see below).

The minimum system requirements are:

  • Windows/PC: Windows 98 or higher EXCEPT WINDOWS VISTA (hopefully soon!).
  • Mac: OS8 and OS9, but NOT OSX (hopefully soon!).

To get the slipstream software and instructions, CLICK HERE.

The phone company has supplied us with these local access numbers, but due to the many changes in local calling plans (new area codes, prefixes, etc). You should always check with your operator to make sure any dialup number is local for your calling area. Computer Zone Internet will not be held responsible for long distance charges incurred due to telephone numbers listed on this website, or any other telephone numbers supplied by Computer Zone Internet.

You will also need to get the correct number for Slipstream access. Using the form below enter your area code and prefix. After you click submit, find the closest number and update your dialer.


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